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Versatile, portable, affordable . . . That's our Mini-Polytunnel!

Versatile, portable, affordable . . . That's our Mini-Polytunnel!

We know that not everyone has the space for a full size polytunnel and some will struggle to justify the cost. We think our Mini-Polytunnel will be just the solution - Small scale, affordable crop protection.
These portable small polytunnels have the added advantage that you can move them to wherever they're needed. Our Mini-Tunnels make a great addition to your allotment and you can also put a Mini-Polytunnel in your yard, in a small garden or on your patio. You could even use a Mini-Polytunnel inside your existing polytunnel during the winter months - double glazed frost protection!

The hoops and ridge tube of our Mini-Polytunnels are manufactured from 25.4mm x 1.5mm high-strength galvanised steel tube and use the same robust brackets as our domestic range of polytunnels. The base rails of our portable 'tunnels are from 3 ½" x 1 ½" (89mm x 38mm) pressure treated timber which is planed and has rounded corners to make it a pleasure to work with.

Our Mini-Tunnels are available in a range of sizes:
  • 4ft Wide x 5ft Long
  • 4ft Wide x 8ft Long
  • 4ft Wide x 10ft Long
  • 4ft Wide x 12ft Long

We offer three choices of cover with our Mini-Polytunnels:
  • Clear anti-condensate polythene as used on our range of polytunnels - Ideal for wind, rain and frost protection and to create a warmer environment, protected from pests.
  • Shade Netting - Ideal where your crop needs less protection and prefers to be open to the elements. Provides shade on hot sunny days and protection from pests.
  • Anti-Bird Netting - Double-knit HDPE with a mesh size of 17mm. Ideal for soft fruits such as strawberries.
The cover is fixed in place by a row of 1 ½" x ¾" treated battens - Simple yet secure.

How easy are Mini-Polytunnels to build?

We think it should take one person about half an hour to put the base rail and framework together and about another 30 minutes to fit the covering.

You can see our Mini Polytunnel Assembly Instructions here, or . . .

Find out more by watching our video.