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Fruit Cages 2m Grid

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Details Of Our Fruit Cages

Details Of Our Fruit Cages

Your fruit is likely to need protecting against being taken from birds and other pests, just when it starts to ripen. Providing a safe enclosure against pests and unwanted visitors is often a task for gardeners and so for many the addition of fruit cages to gardens or allotments can play an important role in minimising bird and mammal interference.

A fruit cage is essentially an enclosure that is made of metal tubing and connectors, easy to erect yourself or with a little help from friends and colleagues. Once assembled, with each piece slotting together simply, netting covers the enclosure, preventing larger pests and family pets from digging up your strawberry or raspberry bushes, or destroying the fruit on your pear or apple trees. Securing firmly into the ground, they can still provide you with easy access yet deter unwelcome guests.

Our fruit cage frameworks are made from 25mm diameter high tensile steel tube - the same as we use for our range of quality polytunnels. The tube is galvanised so you get the durability you know you can expect from Robinson Polytunnels. The wall thickness of the tube that we use is 1.5mm where other companies quite often use tube with a thinner wall - Remember, if they don't specify the wall thickness it's because they don't want you to know!

Fruit Cages Fittings
With a mesh size of around 17mm square, our fruit cages aren't obtrusive to look at, and at first glance are barely visible! The netting used on the sides of our fruit cages is a black extruded polypropylene which is quite rigid and has a "plastic" feel to it. Supplied in a 2m wide roll, this fits nicely and easily to the sides of the fruit cage framework. The netting is held in place with cable ties along the top edge and along the external legs. Galvanised steel ground staples hold the netting at ground level about 36cm apart. The netting on the top of the fruit cage is a woven high density polyethylene (HDPE), which is quite stretchy and is pulled to the shape and size of the fruit cage roof. This is also held in place with cable ties around its perimeter. The nettings that we supply with our fruit cage kits are UV stabilised to provide a longer life and keep your crops protected.

Each fruit cage kit includes a door which is again made from the same high strength tubular steel. The door is supplied with its own pair of posts so the door can be positioned anywhere you like around the perimeter of the fruit cage. With robust hinges and magnetic closing latch, you can be confident that your door will do its job for the lifetime of the fruit cage.

We offer our Fruit Cage Kits in two ranges - Either a 2m grid (leg spacing) or a 2.5m grid. The 2m grid is obviously stronger and the netting will also be better supported by the closer distance between the framework bars. But for most circumstances, our 2.5m grid Fruit Cage Kits are more than adequate and will cover your area a little more economically. Choose from our 2m grid range below or see our 2.5m Grid Fruit Cages.

We also supply a range of Fruit Cage Parts for you to make up your own Fruit Cage and Fruit Cage Nets to re-cover your existing Fruit Cage.

Click here for Fruit Cage Assembly Instructions.