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Polytunnel Re-Sheet

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Time To Re-Sheet Your Polytunnel?

Time To Re-Sheet Your Polytunnel?

When it's time to re-sheet your polytunnel, we're the one-stop-shop for all the bits you'll need.

What Size Cover Do I Need?
Using our guides, you can accurately calculate what size of cover to order by taking a few simple measurements of your polytunnel.

Distance over arch (A) = 5.7m and polythene is trenched along the sides.
Width of polythene required = 5.7m (A) + 1.6m (trenched) = 7.3m. Use the next width up which is 7.5m wide.
Distance from door post to door post around the side (B) = 6.1m.
Length of polythene required = 6.1m (B) + 1.5m = 7.6m. Order the next full metre length of 8m

Or you can use the tables below to check your polythene cover size.

Table - What Polytunnel Cover Width Required

Table - What Polytunnel Cover Length Required

Battens, Nails, Anti Hot Spot Tape

You'll also need a few battens to secure your polythene cover to the end frames and base rails if you have those fitted. And don't forget to add a few extra if you want to re-clad your doors.
We supply battens at 38mm x 19mm and 1.8m long, which are tanalith treated to increase their durability.

50mm long galvanized nails will go nicely through the battens and into the timber rails. Allow about a dozen nails per batten.

If your anti hot spot tape is coming adrift it would be prudent to replace it to ensure you get the most out of your polythene cover and avoid the polythene degrading prematurely.

You can choose which type and size of polythene you want and any other bits and bobs from the list below, all in one easy step.

Indasol Clear Thermal AF Polythene 200mu 7.5m wide

per linear metre (Minimum order 6m)

Indasol Diffused Thermal AF Polythene 7.5m Wide

per linear metre (Minimum order 6m)

Indasol Clear Thermal AF Polythene 200mu 9m wide

per linear metre (Minimum order 9m)

Indasol Diffused Thermal AF Polythene 9.0m Wide

per linear metre (Minimum order 9m)

38 x 19mm x 1.8m Tanalith Treated Batten


Galvanized Nails 2.65 x 50mm (0.5kg Bag)


Galvanized Twist Nails 3.75 x 30mm (0.5kg Bag)


Anti Hot Spot Tape 25mm

per 9m long roll

Anti Hot Spot Tape 30mm

per 9m long roll