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14ft X 50ft 'Tunnel - Diffused Thermal 800g Polythene

14ft X 50ft 'Tunnel - Diffused Thermal 800g Polythene

  • For our "Ultra" range of polytunnels, we've used an whopping 38.1mm diameter tubing for the hoops, ridge and corner struts. The steel is high tensile "Z35" grade which is galvanised and has a 1.5mm wall thickness.

  • For the foundation tubes we've made sure that strength and corrosion are definitely not a problem - The tubing used has a wall thickness of 3.25mm and is hot-dip galvanised.

  • For our 14ft wide "Ultra" range, the polytunnel hoops are spaced at 5ft apart for the most robust 14ft wide polytunnel available.

  • As with all our polytunnels we've made sure there are no weak links and each component is designed to ultimately fulfil it's purpose.

  • Quite simply, we doubt you'll find anything stronger!


    To configure your complete kit go to 14ft x 50ft "Ultra" Polytunnel Kit Builder.