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'Poly-Pitch' 10ft x 25ft - Clear THB/AF 800g Cover

'Poly-Pitch' 10ft x 25ft - Clear THB/AF 800g Cover

Our "Poly-Pitch" pitched roof polytunnel provides a touch of elegance to the world of polytunnels. Based on the more traditional style of a greenhouse but utilising the technology available with polythene covering, you get the best of both worlds. Plus you can happily let small chilrden play near the polythene without the dangers of a glass house.

The "Poly-Pitch" polytunnel has a straight side of close to 1.5m before the start of the curve, so you can be confident of being able to use all the space without compromise to you or your plants.

The "Poly-Pitch" kit includes:
  • Heavy duty galvanised ground tubes
  • Galvanised high-strength steel framework
  • Tanalised timber end frames
  • Tanalised timber base rail
  • Galvanised fittings & fasteners
  • Polythene tensioning/re-tensioning after sheeting
  • 800g Thermal, clear, anti-condensate polythene


To configure your complete kit go to 10ft x 25ft "Poly-Pitch" Polytunnel Kit Builder.