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Use this film for:
Wherever you are used to using a clear film and where maximum direct sunlight is desireable. Also use this film on very exposed sites for resistance against winds.
SunMaster Clear uses our tried and tested LLDPE Metalocene technology to give a very high strength "glass clear" film. For those growers that are used to growing under a clear film and where maximum light transmission is essential.
Also included in our SunMaster Clear film is an Anti Fog agent which breaks down the surface tension of the condensation droplets so that they run down the sheet, reducing drips and retaining light clarity.
The UV open characteristics of this film means that plants grow as sturdily under this cover as they would if they were outside. All plants with red in their leaves, fruit or flowers also benefit and will have a better colour.
Thickness: 150um, 5 year UV warranty

per linear metre (Minimum order 11m)