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12ft Polytunnel - 45ft Long

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Our 12ft Wide Polytunnels

Our 12ft Wide Polytunnels

Our 12ft span polytunnel is great for a larger allotment where you really can grow enough of everything to feed the whole family. Everything grows better inside a polytunnel so with our 12ft wide polytunnel you can grow quantity as well as quality. This size is also a popular choice with schools.

Features of our polytunnels include:
  • Heavy duty galvanised ground tubes
  • Galvanised high-strength steel framework
  • Tanalised timber end frames
  • Galvanised/electroplated fittings & fasteners
  • Polythene tensioning/re-tensioning after sheeting
  • Choice of diffused or clear thermal polythene

See below for a more detailed specification.

Click here for 12ft Polytunnel Assembly Instructions

Build Your 12ft Wide Polytunnel

12ft x 45ft Polytunnel

. . . Now select your options

Choose Polythene Type:
12ft X 45ft Polytunnel - Clear Thermal 800g Polythene      1,065.60
12ft X 45ft Polytunnel - Diffused Thermal 800g Polythene      1,092.60

Anti Hot Spot Tape Choice:
No Anti Hot Spot Tape thanks.
Anti Hot Spot Tape for 12ft x 45ft Polytunnel      34.50

Door Choice:
No doors thanks.
Hinged Door Kit (for BOTH Ends)      86.40

Polythene Fixing Method:
Trench the polythene
Timber Base Rail for BOTH Sides 45ft Long      243.60

Timber Side Rail & Net (Only available if Timber Base Rail selected)
No side ventilation thanks
Timber Side Rail & Net for ONE Side 45ft Long      159.00
Timber Side Rail & Net for BOTH Sides 45ft Long      285.00

Roll Up Curtain (Only available if Timber Side Rail & Net selected)
No Roll Up Curtain thanks
Roll Up Curtain for ONE Side 45ft Long      207.00
Roll Up Curtain for BOTH Sides 45ft Long      352.50

Ground Anchor Plates for 45ft Long Polytunnel - 61.50

Crop Bar Kit for 12ft x 45ft Polytunnel - 99.00

Ground Cover & Pegs for 12ft x 45ft - 34.50

Polytunnel Overhead Spray Irrigation, 45ft Long, 16ft Cover - 49.50

12ft Polytunnel Dimensioned Image

12ft Span Polytunnels - Specification Overview

Foundation Tubes:Thick-walled, heavy galvanised with cover tensioning system.Hoops and Ridge Tube:Z35 galvanised steel tube, diameter 25.4mm with a thicker wall of 1.5mm.

Polythene:5 year guarantee with 7-8 years life expectancy.
2 choices of polythene -
  • 800g Clear for the most natural light conditions, better for ripening crops.
  • 800g Diffused scatters light for benefit of whole crop, better for sunnier locations.
  • End Frames:Tanalith treated timber, 1" x 3" (actual size), planed with rounded corners for easier handling and smooth appearance.
    Double-row of " x 1" Tanalith treated battens to secure the polythene cover.

    Brackets:Galvansised for improved resistance to corrosion.
    Purpose-designed so each type of bracket is perfect for its intended use.
    Corner Braces:Z35 galvanised steel tube, diameter 25.4 x 1.5mm.
    Best design to ensure they don't encroach into the usable space whilst still supporting the end hoop at the optimum position.

    Bolts, Screws & Nails:Galvansised or zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
    Coach bolts are used for timber connections.
    Steel-to-steel connections use Nylock nuts which can't vibrate loose.