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12ft Polytunnel - 40ft Long

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Our 12ft Wide Polytunnels

Our 12ft Wide Polytunnels

Our 12ft span polytunnel is great for a larger allotment where you really can grow enough of everything to feed the whole family. Everything grows better inside a polytunnel so with our 12ft wide polytunnel you can grow quantity as well as quality. This size is also a popular choice with schools.

Features of our polytunnels include:
  • Heavy duty galvanised ground tubes
  • Galvanised high-strength steel framework
  • Tanalised timber end frames
  • Galvanised/electroplated fittings & fasteners
  • Polythene tensioning/re-tensioning after sheeting
  • Choice of diffused or clear thermal polythene

See below for a more detailed specification.

Click here for 12ft Polytunnel Assembly Instructions

Build Your 12ft Wide Polytunnel

12ft x 40ft Polytunnel

. . . Now select your options

Choose Polythene Type:
12ft X 40ft Polytunnel - Clear Thermal 800g Polythene 811.50
12ft X 40ft Polytunnel - Diffused Thermal 800g Polythene 838.50

Anti Hot Spot Tape Choice:
No Anti Hot Spot Tape thanks.
Anti Hot Spot Tape for 12ft x 40ft Polytunnel 31.50

Door Choice:
No doors thanks.
Hinged Door Kit (for BOTH Ends) 66.00

Polythene Fixing Method:
Trench the polythene
Timber Base Rail for BOTH Sides 40ft Long 180.00

Timber Side Rail & Net (Only available if Timber Base Rail selected)
No side ventilation thanks
Timber Side Rail & Net for ONE Side 40ft Long 142.50
Timber Side Rail & Net for BOTH Sides 40ft Long 252.00

Roll Up Curtain (Only available if Timber Side Rail & Net selected)
No Roll Up Curtain thanks
Roll Up Curtain for ONE Side 40ft Long 192.00
Roll Up Curtain for BOTH Sides 40ft Long 325.50

Aluminium Gutter - Side 1
No gutters thanks.
Aluminium Polytunnel Gutter ONE Side 40ft Long 109.50
Aluminium Polytunnel Gutter ONE Side 40ft (Side Rail Fixing) 79.50

Aluminium Gutter - Side 2
No gutters thanks.
Aluminium Polytunnel Gutter ONE Side 30ft Long 85.50
Aluminium Polytunnel Gutter ONE Side 40ft (Side Rail Fixing) 79.50

Ground Anchor Plates for 40ft Long Polytunnel - 58.50

Crop Bar Kit for 12ft x 40ft Polytunnel - 85.50

Ground Cover & Pegs for 12ft x 40ft - 45.00

Polytunnel Overhead Spray Irrigation, 40ft Long, 16ft Cover - 46.50

12ft Polytunnel Dimensioned Image

12ft Span Polytunnels - Specification Overview

Foundation Tubes:Thick-walled, heavy galvanised with cover tensioning system.Hoops and Ridge Tube:Z35 galvanised steel tube, diameter 25.4mm with a thicker wall of 1.5mm.

Polythene:5 year guarantee with 7-8 years life expectancy.
2 choices of polythene -
  • 800g Clear for the most natural light conditions, better for ripening crops.
  • 800g Diffused scatters light for benefit of whole crop, better for sunnier locations.
  • End Frames:Tanalith treated timber, 1" x 3" (actual size), planed with rounded corners for easier handling and smooth appearance.
    Double-row of " x 1" Tanalith treated battens to secure the polythene cover.

    Brackets:Galvansised for improved resistance to corrosion.
    Purpose-designed so each type of bracket is perfect for its intended use.
    Corner Braces:Z35 galvanised steel tube, diameter 25.4 x 1.5mm.
    Best design to ensure they don't encroach into the usable space whilst still supporting the end hoop at the optimum position.

    Bolts, Screws & Nails:Galvansised or zinc plated for corrosion resistance.
    Coach bolts are used for timber connections.
    Steel-to-steel connections use Nylock nuts which can't vibrate loose.