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Jul 01
July Giveaways!

July Giveaways

I think we can safely say that summer is finally here! And because we’re in such a happy mood we at Robinson Polytunnels are giving away our most popular options with all polytunnels ordered in July.

Anti Hot Spot Tape – Essential for the long life of your polytunnel cover.

Ground Anchor Plates – The easier alternative to concreting.

Crop Bars – Useful for hanging baskets and also increase the wind and snow load capacity of your ‘tunnel by about 20%!

Just select your the FREE OPTIONS with your polytunnel kit at Robinson Polytunnels

Jun 17
Calendar of Gardening Events

Jun 16
Cherry Tree Cage – The Height of Protection!

Cherry Tree CageThe cherries on our cherry tree should be ripe in another month or so. And this year we’re determined to make sure those pesky birds don’t pinch them.

Our new Cherry Tree Cage is just the job for keeping the birds off our fruit and at a whopping 3.2m high it will protect the biggest of fruit trees.

At last we’ll finally get to savour the taste of those home-grown cherries!

You can find out more at Robinson Polytunnels Cherry Tree Cage.