Three Men Went To Morpeth

Mar 17

We recently re-built two polytunnels for the Students Union at Newcastle University. The two polytunnels, 18ft wide x 30ft long were originally built at an allotment site close to the City Centre. Unfortunately, a change of use of the whole allotments site meant that the students had to re-locate. Jon from the University made an excellent job of dismantling the polytunnels, with the help of some of the students, ready for us to transport to the new site. While the framework and timbers were dropped off at the new site, the doors were brought back to our factory to be re-clad and spruced up.
The new site for the polytunnels was at Cockle Park Farm near Morpeth and a gently sloping plot, close to a beech hedge made an ideal location.
Polytunnels under construction
The steel frameworks went back together very well and most of the timber rails were re-usable. Complete new timber end frames were required and were made to suit the existing sets of double sliding doors. New polythene curtains were fitted to each side of the polytunnels and new netting for side ventilation. The anti hot spot tape on the arches was replaced where necessary ready for sheeting the polytunnels. The wind was slightly stronger than we would have liked but the sheets went on without any drama and tensioned nicely thanks to the well-timed spell of sunshine.
The final job was fitting the doors and after a little “tweaking” we managed to get them running smoothly.

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