It’s a long way to . . . Norwich!

Jan 15

A recent job in Norwich required a 4:00am set-off to be sure of completing the job in one day. A 10ft wide x 30ft long polytunnel with crop bars, ventilation netting and roll up curtain to one side and staging along part of one side. To ensure the best possible finish, our customer wanted us to build the polytunnel and a couple of our constructors had a day spare between Christmas and New Year.

A lot of preparation was done before the guys set off, including assembling the doors, end frames and hoops which were just a fit on the van. The client excavated the holes ready for the foundation tubes and ground anchor plates before we arrived on site. It’s a part of the job that can cause hours of delays if the ground is problematic and our constructors definitely appreciated not having to do the digging!

The ground was frosty and dry and so it would be a good site to work on. The first job was to mark out with stringlines and set the foundation tubes into the ground.

Excavated foundations for 10ft x 30ft polytunnel


Next, the timber base rails would be clamped to the foundation tubes and then the polytunnel hoops could be set to the right height.



The framework was quickly erected and timber end frames for the doorways. A timber side rail was fixed along one side for side ventilation netting and a roll up curtain.



And here’s the newly-fitted roll up curtain.



Corner panels were fitted over the ends of the curtain, around to the doorways and the side ventilation netting along the side, over the curtain. And a “rebate” is created with battens ready for securing the main cover.

Here’s the ‘tunnel virtually sheeted.



The sheet is tensioned and the doors are fitted.



And finally a few sections of staging are fixed to the hoop legs on one side of the polytunnel.

polytunnel staging


Completed just within daylight hours!


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  1. bosas3 says:

    Hi Will Yes just bought through eBay – cost 400. Very simple to erect hoop structure which came with supports.Height at centre 8 feet.Not sure we’d win ‘hoop house of the year’ but seems sturdy.Controlling temperature in the summer will key and in warmer climates the polytunnels with sides that can be pulled up will give greater ventilation.Will level ground inside and then lay with permeable membrane anchored by reused bricks during our first phase of use.Happy New Year by the way!! Rob

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