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Mar 28
Manchester Galvanizing – Helping to Supply a Superior Product


Multi Span PolytunnelA manufacturer and supplier of polytunnels has tested its mettle after choosing another form of steel protection provided by Manchester Galvanizing, following a long history of using electroplating.
Nelson-based Robinson Polytunnels has for the first time used the hot-dip galvanizing treatment as part of its production of polytunnels and fruit cages, and turned to the Heywood-based plant to protect thousands of steel components after 15 years spent using a lesser protective method.

Stuart Robinson, Founder and General Manager of Robinson Polytunnels, explained: “We previously had an electro-plating process to protect the small components used to manufacture our range of
products, and because they’re primarily based outdoors and are open to the unpredictable British weather, it was really important to make sure they stood the test of time for our clients.

“This meant researching alternative methods that we could use to protect them better and for longer, and a meeting with Mark Waters at Manchester Galvanizing took us through the whole process of spin galvanizing, which is done by the group’s dedicated spin plant B.E.Wedge. The initial batch was completed and we were impressed with the quality and consistency of protection. We now have all of our products galvanized and very much look forward to developing our working relationship with the team at Manchester Galvanizing and B E Wedge in the months and years to come,” Stuart concluded.

Spin galvanizing follows the same process as general galvanizing but it sees products placed in the galvanizing bath and quickly removed before the molten zinc solidifies, then placed on a centrifuge and spun for several seconds to remove excess zinc. This type of finish is extremely popular for smaller products as it prevents items from sticking together and produces a smooth end result.

Mark Waters, Commercial Manager at Manchester Galvanizing, added: “We were thrilled to have provided Robinson Polytunnels with a more effective and durable method of protection. During the initial consultation, we examined the products that required treatment to ensure that they would be suitable for spin galvanizing, and identified one piece that needed a minor modification making to ensure a better flow of zinc through the various tubular sections.”

By Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd

Mar 17
Three Men Went To Morpeth

We recently re-built two polytunnels for the Students Union at Newcastle University. The two polytunnels, 18ft wide x 30ft long were originally built at an allotment site close to the City Centre. Unfortunately, a change of use of the whole allotments site meant that the students had to re-locate. Jon from the University made an excellent job of dismantling the polytunnels, with the help of some of the students, ready for us to transport to the new site. While the framework and timbers were dropped off at the new site, the doors were brought back to our factory to be re-clad and spruced up.
The new site for the polytunnels was at Cockle Park Farm near Morpeth and a gently sloping plot, close to a beech hedge made an ideal location.
Polytunnels under construction
The steel frameworks went back together very well and most of the timber rails were re-usable. Complete new timber end frames were required and were made to suit the existing sets of double sliding doors. New polythene curtains were fitted to each side of the polytunnels and new netting for side ventilation. The anti hot spot tape on the arches was replaced where necessary ready for sheeting the polytunnels. The wind was slightly stronger than we would have liked but the sheets went on without any drama and tensioned nicely thanks to the well-timed spell of sunshine.
The final job was fitting the doors and after a little “tweaking” we managed to get them running smoothly.

Feb 25
The Perfect Site For Building A Polytunnel

A polytunnel which we built at a primary school near Liverpool, 14ft x 18ft with side ventilation. The ground was flat and level and we couldn’t really ask for a better site.
Polytunnel site was flat and level

The polytunnel framework was soon finished with timber rails in place for the side ventilation netting and roll up curtains.
Polytunnel with timber rails

The finished polytunnel covered with diffused polythene for better temperature control, beneficial for the plants in hotter weather.
Completed polytunnel clad with diffused polythene

Dec 07
“Warm Room” For Macclesfield Community Garden Centre

Jo, the manager at Macclesfield Community Garden Centre wanted to create a “warm room” within their multi-span polytunnel. A place where the staff and trainees could sit comfortably at break times, work in a comfortable environment and would also be beneficial for the propagation of their new plants.
The plan was to separate one of the multi-span bays for a length of 40ft from the rest of the open area of around 8,000ft2, which is currently used for plant sales, plant preparation, crafts and wood work.

Picture of polytunnel with ventilation

The area of the polytunnel to be converted to the “Warm Room”.

Stuart from Robinson Polytunnels came to assess the polytunnel and to see what could be achieved for maximum effect at minimum cost. On first inspection, the polytunnel was well ventilated with netting panels to the top part of the gable end “D-sections” and along the sides – the opposite of what was required for the “warm room”. After a little consideration Stuart created an action plan to separate the “warm room” and to make it ventilation-free and retain more heat.


The first job would be to remove the areas of ventilation. The netting panel in the gable end D-section would be replaced with polythene. The side ventilation netting would be panelled over, again with a polythene panel. Now the area was free from draughts and required partitioning from the rest of the polytunnel. A timber framework was assembled underneath the valley gutter and clad with “white” polythene, which provides more privacy and a definitive boundary from the sales area.

Partition separating the warm area.

Partition to separate the length of the polytunnel.


A complete partition was assembled across the width of the bay, in effect creating a new “gable end”. Vertical steel support tubes were fixed from the concrete surface up to the polytunnel arch above and a timber framework to attach the polythene panels. A double-width doorway was included with a pair of snug fitting doors to keep draughts to a minimum.


Finally, a false ceiling was required to reduce heat loss through the roof. “Crop bars” were fitted across the hoops at about 2.5m above ground level and a clear polythene sheet was fitted to rest above the crop bars. The sheet was attached to timber rails around its full perimeter so that any introduced heat would be retained. The clear polythene ceiling would allow the light levels to remain high which would be useful for continued plant cultivation in the “warm room”.

False ceiling during installation

False ceiling during installation.

Macclesfield Community Garden Centre is a Social Enterprise where adults with disabilities can gain valuable work experience and training in a supported environment to develop their full potential. The items produced by the trainees are available to buy in the garden centre.

Feb 05
February Offer – 20% Off Polytunnels!

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Jan 18
January Sale! EXTENDED!!!

January Sale We’ve had such an overwhelming response to our January Sale that we’ve decided to extend it!
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Aug 03
Summer Special !!!

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Jul 01
July Giveaways!

July Giveaways

I think we can safely say that summer is finally here! And because we’re in such a happy mood we at Robinson Polytunnels are giving away our most popular options with all polytunnels ordered in July.

Anti Hot Spot Tape – Essential for the long life of your polytunnel cover.

Ground Anchor Plates – The easier alternative to concreting.

Crop Bars – Useful for hanging baskets and also increase the wind and snow load capacity of your ‘tunnel by about 20%!

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Jun 16
Cherry Tree Cage – The Height of Protection!

Cherry Tree CageThe cherries on our cherry tree should be ripe in another month or so. And this year we’re determined to make sure those pesky birds don’t pinch them.

Our new Cherry Tree Cage is just the job for keeping the birds off our fruit and at a whopping 3.2m high it will protect the biggest of fruit trees.

At last we’ll finally get to savour the taste of those home-grown cherries!

You can find out more at Robinson Polytunnels Cherry Tree Cage.