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Welcome to Robinson Polytunnels

Polytunnels, Fruit Cages and Polytunnel Accessories - Buy online,
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Why choose a Polytunnel from Robinsons?

Why choose a Polytunnel from Robinsons?

If you choose wisely, your polytunnel can last a lifetime so make an informed choice . . .

. . . See why we're the right choice.

  • We know our prices are competetive against other polytunnel manufacturers and so when you consider the quality of our products, you can be sure that you're getting value for money from Robinson Polytunnels.

  • If you've seen a lower price for a similar polytunnel or fruit cage let us know and we'll certainly try and match it. You get a better product for the same price!
  • "Z35" As used in the manufacture of only the best polytunnels.

  • "Z35" is the terminology used for the grade of steel and the galvanised coating used to manufacture the tube. The steel has a yield strength of 350N/mm2 which is stronger than the standard 275N/mm2.

  • The size of tube we use for our polytunnels and fruit cages is diameter 25.4mm or diameter 38.1mm with a wall thickness of 1.5mm to give a high strength-to-weight ratio. Be aware, if other suppliers don't state the wall thickness it's because they don't want you to know!

  • Because we use thicker walled tube, our polytunnels don't need "Hoop Joint Strengtheners"!

  • Lumisol Thermal polythene is now as an option with all of our 'tunnels! The UK's best selling polythene to commercial growers.
  • Guaranteed for 5 YEARS against ultra-violet (UV) degradation and manufacturing faults. Life expectancy of around 8 years!

  • The polythene we supply is used by Commercial Growers throughout the UK and Europe.

  • With all of our polytunnels, we offer a choice of 2 different polythene types so you can choose whichever one will be best for you. Clear polythene for the most natural light. Diffused polythene to minimise shadowing.

  • Read more about our range of polythene from XL Horticulture and BPI Visqueen.
  • Our polytunnel foundation tubes are made from THICK-WALL, HEAVY-GALVANISED steel tube for increased corrosion resistance where it's most needed.

  • When steel is in contact with the ground, it is particulary susceptible to corrosion from ground salts and the constantly damp environment. That is why we are one of the few comapanies that have taken extra measures to ensure the foundation tubes we use for our polytunnels are heavily galvanised for protection against corrosion. We have also used thicker walled tube for increased strength and durability.

  • Polytunnel Tension Collars Our foundation tube arrangement allows you to easily TENSION/RE-TENSION your polythene cover. A 'tunnel sheet is best when it's tight and with our polytunnels you can ensure that your cover is always at its optimum tension.

  • All our timber is tanalised for protection against rotting.

  • 'Tanalised' timber has been impregnated with a safe preservative solution under high vacuum pressure. This reduces fungal decay and insect attack to ensure your polytunnel maintains its integrity.

  • Read more about Tanalith E preservative.
  • Our brackets are made to last, with each bracket designed for a specific purpose so we know it's perfect for the job.

  • All our brackets are manufactured in-house so we can ensure that we acheive the consistent quality that our customers expect. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we DON'T import our brackets from the Far East! Union Jack Buy British!

  • Virtually all our brackets are now galvanised (rather than zinc plated). This gives vastly improved corrosion resistance to ensure your polytunnel lasts a long time.

  • We use thick battens, 1 " x ", twice the size of many of our competitors and essential to hold your polytunnel cover securely in place.

  • Plus the timber that we use for our polytunnel end frames and base rails is 3 " x 1 " (89mm x 38mm) and these are ACTUAL sizes.

  • The timber we use for the end frames and base rails is also planed and has rounded corners. This gives a smooth and elegant finish and it's much safer to handle - Less chance of splinters.
  • We aim to dispatch your order on the next working day and we consistently acheive this.

  • Depending and the size of your order and your location, your order will be despatched on either "Nexy-Day" or "2-3-Day" Delivery Service.

  • Plus FREE DELIVERY for most orders over 100.!

We aim to provide you with an exemplary service and hope that you will enjoy browsing our online store pages to find your polytunnel or fruit cage.

All our polytunnels and fruit cages are provided with simple yet comprehensive instructions and we are always just a phone call away.

Our staff are experts in polytunnels and fruit cages and will provide accurate information and sound advice.


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Polytunnel - Polytunnels

Robinson Polytunnels manufacture and supply polytunnels, fruit cages and accessories to hobby growers and professionals throughout the UK. Our polytunnels have been designed for ease of build whilst maintaining the robustness required to withstand weather conditions throughout the UK. We have looked closely at each detail of our polytunnels to ensure you can utilise your 'tunnel to its full potential.

Here at Robinson Polytunnels we manufacture and distribute the best quality polytunnels to many clients, from avid gardeners to professional growers, NHS Trusts, Schools and Council Authorities.
Apples in front of polytunnel
Galvanised polytunnel fittings With a wealth of experience in the design and construction of first class polytunnels, we offer a selection of sizes to suit an array of gardens and allotments. Every effort has been made to ensure the longevity of our products from the galvanising of metal parts and tubing to the treating of timber frames to reduce, if not banish, the risk of rot or rust.

You can instantly see and feel the quality items that we manufacture, creating a sturdy, strong polytunnel environment for many cultivators and gardeners across the UK. We are the one place to find the perfect polytunnel right here at Robinsons.
Poly tunnel, polytunnel, polly tunnel, pollytunnel - It doesn't matter how you say it . .

Poly tunnel - Poly tunnels

The poly tunnel is a wonderful and innovative essential gardening feature that has enabled gardening enthusiasts for generations to successfully grow vegetables and fruit throughout the year free from the harsh elements whilst offering the ultimate in growing conditions for plants, seedlings and flowers. Whatever your purpose may be for poly tunnels, whether growing prize winning tomatoes or bedding and potted plants or even for growing fruit tree seedlings and so many other uses, here at Robinson Polytunnels we have the expertise to assist you in all your poly tunnel needs.

The strong construction and quality materials used in the construction process enables you to have the peace of mind that you can comfortably grow a series of different fruit and vegetables in spacious environments ranging from our 6ft to our impressive 14ft poly tunnels, including our "Ultra" range. In addition to the robust construction you can discover a wide range of accessories to assist you in creating the perfect environment for your garden vegetables to grow in. With choices such as ventilation and optional door enable you to create a bespoke solution for your garden.

Garden polytunnel - Garden tunnel

The perfect addition for any serious gardener of vegetable grower, the garden polytunnel offers a level of sheer flexibility that is difficult to surpass. The many different sizes of the plastic garden tunnel means that depending on how much room you have, you can purchase one for your own garden or allotment to assist you in growing fantastic vegetables, storing your fertiliser, pots and plant seedlings and much more. The garden polytunnel range here at Robinsons Polytunnels goes up in different dimensions from 6ft to a huge 14ft in width to ensure you can meet all of your family's vegetable needs.

Constructed using high quality materials such as 25mm or 38mm galvanised high strength steel tubing, diagonal braces in each corner for added strength and rigidity and strong treated timber end frames, the garden tunnel collections found here at Robinson Polytunnels offer unsurpassed quality and satisfaction. With a 5 year guarantee on the two different choices of polythene you can choose between, you know that you can look forward to a number of year's trouble free vegetable growing for an affordable amount.

Fruit cage - Fruit cages

Robinson Polytunnels are a leading expert in the manufacture and supply of some of the most versatile and quality made fruit cages and polytunnels available in the UK. Constructed using resilient and robust materials, our specially designed cages are built to be used either on their own or together as modules, depending on your gardening requirements and needs. Our experience and expertise in distributing professional, cost effective and strong cages means that you can be sure that when you contact us, we have the ability to service your needs and requirements today. Our Fruit Tree Cages are suitable for all fruit tree and bush applications, providing excellent protection against birds, domestic pets such as cats and dogs and other pests including foxes and other wild animals. Complete with everything you need to construct in the location you wish, our cages offer a high level of quality and a long life protective shield against common garden intruders. Regardless of the size of your garden or allotment, you can find peace of mind that your fruit plants, bushes and trees can be adequately protected when purchasing your galvanised fruit cage from the professional experts here at Robinson Polytunnels. Discover the benefits now available here.

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